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EVA Digital System
EVA is a filmless, digital dental imaging radiology system that produces highest resolution, diagnostic quality images. Utilizing patented “Active Column” CMOS technology, EVA produces high efficiency, low noise images which are digitized and transmitted to your computer via a standard USB (Universal Serial Bus) port and is compatible with laptop or desktop systems. Digital imaging delivers significantly increased revenue to today’s high-tech practice. Requiring less labor, it increases patient throughput and is safer for the patient with reduced X-Ray exposure.

Easy-to-use, state-of-the-art digital imaging eliminates the inconvenience of film processing and the 3 to 6 minute wait for a single X-Ray. Patient archiving is fast and simple for patient data base archives. EVA interfaces with Dent-X ProImage or other image and practice management software suites. The operational simplicity of digital radiography consolidates workflow as it builds productivity.

EVA is suited for multiple uses including endodontic applications and caries detection.

  • Highest resolution diagnostic images
  • Patented "Active Column" CMOS technology
  • Features "Smart Sensor" Electronics
  • Cost-effective Networking
  • USB Connectivity
  • ProImage Image Management Suite included

Your EVA System includes...

  • One EVA Sensor Unit - size 1 or 2 (corresponding to standard dental X-Ray film sizes)
  • One Docking Station with USB cable
  • ProImage Dental Image Management Software Suite
  • Starter Kit with Rinn compatible positioning aids and disposable hygienic sheaths
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Installation and Operation User Guide (online)

EVA Digital Imaging System Specifications

(Size #2)System Part Number - 9992410200
Active Area:   25.83 mm x 36.03 mm
Capsule Dimensions:   30.82 mm x 44.12 mm x 4.75 mm
Image size (unpacked):   2.1 MB
(Size #1)   System Part Number - 9992410100
Active Area:   20 mm x 30 mm
Capsule Dimensions:   25.64 x 38.44 mm x 4.75 mm
Image size (unpacked):   1.3 MB
Sensor Type:   Active Column CMOS
Pixel size:   30 microns square
Gray Shades:   4096 (12 bits)
Optical Imager Resolution:   16 lp/mm
Sensor Cable Length:   2 m (~ 6 ft)
Power Supply:   USB-powered device; no external power supply required
Interface:   USB
Shipping Weight:   5 lbs (2.27 kg)
EVA Care Warranty:   Three year warranty*

Prices are subject to change

List price: $8000.00  Special price $6750.00