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Forest Pivot Chair Mount Pkg. 7

6300 CHAIR 

  • Ultra thin back and unique folding patient elbow-support wings provide easy oral access in any position.
  • A double articulating headrest eliminates the need for a neck pillow.
  • Performance car-style side bolsters on the back and sear support the patient with unprecedented comfort and style. The armrests drop down for ease in and out of the chair.
  • separate speed adjustments for base and back.
  • 5 year warranty - The industry's most tried and tested ultra-reliable hydraulic motor.

Contoured IC Control Head

* Ultra reliable pneumatic master contol block. Lifetime warranty.
* Ergonomically placed brake release handle for precise positioning of control head.
* 1/2" holder bar can be engthened to accept nuerous ancellary products.
* Ultra fine water and air coolant adjustments.
* Optional Designer friendly accents are available to compliment your sense of style.