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Statim 2000

The world’s favorite handpiece autoclave.™ 

Statim 2000

The STATIM 2000 was specifically designed to sterilize handpieces quickly and gently - inside and out. The STATIM 2000 employs a fully removable cassette, allowing for aseptic transfer of instruments directly to the point-of-use.

As the world’s most widely used autoclave for handpiece sterilization, the STATIM 2000 sterilizes instruments between procedures for reduced instrument investment and increased efficiency. Like all STATIMs, the 2000 incorporates an advanced microprocessor that automatically maintains optimal sterilization conditions for each cycle, from start to finish.

Drying Performance
Unlike many common conventional autoclaves that utilize open door drying, the STATIM’s sealed cassette allows for closed drying without compromising the load during the cycle. STATIM 2000 can dry a load of pouched instrument in as little as 10 minutes.


Unit Size : L 480mm x W 415mm x H 150mm
L 19" x W 16.25" x H 6"
Cassette Internal Dimensions : L 280m x W 180mm x H 35mm
L 11" x W 7" x H 1.5"
Reservoir Capacity : 4.0 litres (distilled water) Approximately 40 cycles
Weight without water : 21 kg/46 lbs
Power Consumption : 110-120 V, 60Hz, 1300 W