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MK-dent Germany Handpieces


Our Turbine range is the result
of extensive market analysis. Our
target was, and is, to construct and
produce Turbines that fits to the demand
of your daily work.
You can expect top quality from every MK-dent
Turbine. This we guarantee because of high-tech
components and a modern production facility. A 100%
final inspection guarantees you the best you can get.
The final result of all these facts is a sophisticated Turbine
range for a long life, high performance, extreme power, quiet and
vibration-free operation combined with comfort.
Another important aspect of MK-dent Turbines is affordability. Not only the
attractive purchase price and the long durability help you to
work economically. We understand the fact, that repair- and maintenance
costs is equally important. Our quality spare parts are available at a very
competitive price worldwide.


Discover with the new
„Titanium LINE “turbines
a perfect combination of
leading-edge technology
and modern Design.
The ergonomic Design
ensures easy cleaning, lies
optimally in your hand and
offers you a new plus of
comfort and hygiene.
High-Quality components
and proven technology
provide you all qualifications
for powerful, pleasantly
quiet and vibration-free


Here are the quick connect couplers that these Handpieces will fit


 Please Call For Pricing and Style.

List price $595.00