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Endos ACP

With the full line of Endos intraoral X-ray units, everything has been designed to maximize operating efficiency while allowing the dentist to concentrate on diagnosis and treatment.

Grid Tube Techology

New grid tube technology improves the quality of radiation while increasing the accuracy of exposure and reducing non-diagnostic soft radiation.

Utilizing a smart software algorithim, the system automatically compensates for mains voltage fluctuations, insuring stability in film density. The cuty cycle ratio (waiting time between exposures) is 1:32. After a typical .5 second exposure, the wait time for the next exposure would only be 16 seconds. Once again, the translates into high efficiency when several images are needed in a sequence.

Quality of details

The X-ray push button has been carefully thought out to provide the best grip and ergonomics. The coil cord (extendable to 10 ft / 3m) is crafted to retain its shape and withstand years of rugged use.


All materials have a glossy finish and have been chosen for quick and easy cleaning to maintain the hygiene of your working environment, and to provide years of lasting durability.


To adapt to every installation condition, Endos AC and ACP units may be configured with a remote X-ray push button, allowing the exposure to be taken from outside the examination room. The mobile version provides for maximum operational flexibility.

Prices subject to change without notice.

List price: $4750.00  Special price $3520.00